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February Vacation in Florida

During February vacation Rebecca and I went to Clearwater, FL to visit my parents for a couple days. Then we headed over to Orlando. We went to Universal Studios for a couple days and had a great time riding the Fire and Ice roller coaster multiple times. We also went to Disney’s Epcot where we rode Mission Space more times than I can remember. On the way into Mission Space you would be asked if you want spinning or no spinning. My answer was always “Spinnnning”. Before going to Epcot we went to the Magic Kingdom so we could ride Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, and my favorite Space Mountain. It’s a tame coaster, but in the dark. The next day we went to Hollywood Studios, we rode Tower of Terror a few times, but the first time was the best… the surprise was gone after that. We also rode the Rockin Roller Coaster which was awesome. Another Disney coaster in the dark, but not as tame as Space Mountain. It had such a long wait we used the Fast Pass system, so we only rode it once. The next day we went to Animal Kingdom and it was a rainy day. This actually worked out since the animals tend to be out more during the rain. The hard part was eating lunch outside with our ponchos on in the rain. The first thing we did was the Kilimanjaro Safari. You rode through the habitat without fences. There were lions on a large rock formation near us, rhinos walking up the road and we just waited for them to move. Later we rode the Expedition Everest coaster which was good. Disney’s coasters are tame and both of us like the Superman coaster at Six Flags New England.

Each day we would park at Epcot and take the tram or bus to the park we were going to visit. When we finished the other park we would come back to Epcot and eat at one of the countries in the World Showcase. Rebecca seemed to like Canada…. That’s all I can say though. 😉

The last day in Florida we packed for the flight, but took a ride over to Safety Harbor and were able to see a manatee.


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