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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Jenna Haze PGLAM photos

The remaining Jenna Haze photos from PGLAM have been posted into their own topless and nude albums. They will be password protected with a simple password just to keep people from unintentionally entering them. 18436

Kasey’s Prom

Kasey’s Prom was Saturday night so we took her and Nate to the parking lot at the entrance to the fish lab at the end of our street. I had them stand in the shaded area since the sun was so bright. I took some photos of the two of them and of just Kasey […]

Gallery2 thumbnails

After upgrading to Gallery2 I didn’t like how the thumbnails were handled; people’s heads were cropped off in many of them. I figured I’d go back and fix it eventually. Well after working on Kasey’s Prom photos and her head being either cut in half or missing altogether in the thumbnail I decided it was […]

Jenna Haze PGLAM clothed photos

It took longer than I planned, but I finally posted the clothed photos from the glamour workshop with Jenna Haze. I wanted to upgrade to Gallery2, change my website over to a blog format, and then get caught up on my 2008 photos. I will be posting the topless and nude photos in their own […]

Jeep Girls

While on my way to a customer’s site in Pittsfield I ended up behind this jeep.  The saying on the spare tire is great, you’ll have to click the photo to see it though.

WinUp the Windows Uptime Utility

Awhile back (read this as years ago) I decided to learn how to program in Windows so I wrote a Windows Uptime Utility called WinUp. I intend to work on it some more, but just haven’t been in the programming mood.