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Photo gallery has returned!

After my hosting company updated PHP Gallery2 stopped working, but after a few hours of work which included downgrading PHP, upgrading Gallery2 and then upgrading PHP…… It’s back! A huge thank you to Greg Stoll for his fork of Gallery2.

New domain name

I lost the domain that I owned for 10 years because I forgot to renew it and hadn’t checked the email account the friendly reminders were sent to. My registrar OneStop, who I no longer use, said I could recover the domain for $265. That price seemed a “little” high so I decided to […]


I just did a little bit of housekeeping, not the literal cleaning around the house… the fun virtual kind. I removed my twitter feed from posting here. This place was seriously looking like, well actually became my Twitter archive.

Google AdSense

I received a friendly email from Google requesting that I remove AdSense from my Jenna Haze nude album since it is against their TOS.  Oops.  I had 3 days to comply so I removed it from Gallery since I don’t know if there is a way to exclude it from specific albums.  If anyone knows […]