Skydiving II

Well had so much fun skydiving the first time I just had to go again. Being my second time I actually felt a little nervous since I knew what was coming when I reached the open door. On the plane ride up my jumpmaster points out that I should have had gloves. Not a big deal he says if my hands feel cold to just pull them into my suit. Then he tells me a story about one of his students that after they jumped out of the plane and he gave the thumbs up signal that means everything is good, the student pulled the rip cord. You are supposed to wait until your jumpmaster waves his hand in front of your face then points down towards the rip cord. So they don’t get a long free fall, but a super long parachute ride down. So now it’s our turn to go out the door. We walk, which is more of a waddle, towards the door. We are going to do a sideways exit. We get to the door opening and we are facing forward looking at the wing. The he says Ready, Set, Arch and out the door we go. This time as we are falling I’m aware of my body position and get into the proper arch position. He gives the thumbs up and we freefall. This time without a photographer I can look down and all around as I please, no need to look at a photographer. As I look around I can see the Boston skyline in the distance, that was awesome. A little while later my jumpmaster waves his hand in front of my face and points. Now it feels like we just jumped out and I remember the story on the plane of the student that pulled the rip cord to soon, then I realize my hands are very cold and aren’t moving too quick. By this time my jumpmaster pulls the rip cord. You only have a couple seconds to do it until they just do it. As we parachute he explains how the toggles and steering lines work. As we are about to land he has me help although he really does the work since his hands are above mine in the toggles. Then we land. The ride is over…. until next year! Jennifer came with me to take pictures of my sky dive.


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